Rates and Fees

Submitting your inquiry for a loan at Cash-fast.net incurs absolutely no cost. Cash-fast.net is not a company that offers loans, nor is it a financial institution that can offer lending services directly to an applicant. Based on the information you submit, Cash-fast.net searches its database housing its vast network of lenders to pair you with the lender and loan that is best suited to your needs so that you can submit an application directly to the lender.

Required by the Truth in Lending Act, all loan fees and interest rates that are attached to a loan must be fully disclosed and included in the information of the contract or other documentation. According to this act, it is imperative that a lender notifies the borrower of all interest rates or fees at the time that you are approved for a loan. When a consumer has been approved for a loan, most lending companies will then require you to sign an e-signature page so that you can see all of the elements of the loan for which you were matched up with, applied for and approved.

Terms Must Be Fully Disclosed

The documentation that is provided to you by the lender must include all of the information about rates and fees in regards to the loan that you have been approved for. Once you have received this information, you are given time to evaluate the fully disclosed terms before agreeing to sign the contract.  You are not obligated to accept the agreement based on these terms if they are unacceptable for your financial needs. However, if you wish to proceed with accepting the loan, you simply use an e-signature noting that you accept all terms and conditions of the loan; from there you simply wait for your loan to come through. You need to closely evaluate all of this documentation and read all of the fine print to protect yourself and your financial interest.

The lender is the sole party that determines any interest rates or loan fees. These fees and rates are specific and are dependent on the information that was submitted to the lender in the loan application. It is up to you whether or not you want to follow through with this particular loan agency’s terms and conditions and are under no obligation to sign the documents to the transfer of funds.  Cash-fast.net has no capability of the loan details that are taking place between you and your potential lender nor does it have any control over rates and fees. It is simply a matchmaking system set up for people to find loans for which they will qualify for and will suit their financial needs.

Policies for Late Payments

Late payments can be quite costly for consumers; different cash advance lenders have different policies that could result in higher interest rates for the remainder of the repayment period or late fees. You need to make sure that you have read all of the information about late payments that are included in the documents regarding the loan that has been provided to you by the lending agency. Since you have provided an e-signature, you are subject to these policies about late payments. Every cash advance lender must follow the government’s rules and regulations about late payments and these vary state to state. To learn more about these laws, you just need to research the specifications that are governed by each state about late payments.

Policies for Non-Payment

If you are unable to repay your loan during the time frame that was outlined in the original contract or cannot repay it at all, more fees will be tacked on to your charges. In order for customers to deal only with reputable lenders, Cash-fast.net makes an effort to only work with credible agencies; keep in mind, whoever your lender is you can be subject to collection efforts if your account is not kept current. This is conducted in a reasonable and fair manner.