What is a payday loan?
A loan that is unsecured and is a small amount of money is a payday loan, which is usually between $100 and up to around $1000. You will write out a check for the amount you receive along with a fee for the cash advance or payday loan amount. The check will be held until your next paycheck.

Cash advance is another name for a payday loan. Payday advances, fast cash, cash loans, fast loans, short term loans, deferred deposit, bad credit loans, are other names also used for a payday loan. Whatever name you call them or familiar with, these loans will help you through a financial crisis.

If you need a cash advance lender, can help you find one. We take your application that has been completed and submit it to all of our lenders that is in our network. These lenders are leaders in the industry of cash advances or payday loans. These lenders will review your application and see if your application meets their guidelines. This is why we have so many lenders in our network. The more chances you have, the better chance you have of receiving a payday loan.

Applying For A Payday Loan
To apply for a payday cash advance loan, you have to be eighteen years old, have a job or self –employment proof, and a checking or savings account that is active.

Each lender has their requirements to approve a payday loan. These lenders will take your application and evaluate it and see if you are eligible by applying the criteria that is set for approval. Direct deposit, income, history of payday loans, what state do you live in, and other factors will determine the approval of the cash advance payday loan.

When a lender accepts your application, they may contact you for any more information they might need to finish the loan process. The criteria used for the loan is called Proprietary. This will be used to process the application.

Fill out the application honestly and truthfully. Do not leave anything out. All information provided must be verified. For example, do not use cell phone numbers. Use home or business numbers that can be reached. When information can be verified, you stand a better chance of receiving a payday loan. Lenders will not accept applications if the information cannot be verified. Make sure to not turn in the application until all the information that is needed has been gathered. We cannot guarantee your application will be accepted, but we will help you find a lender.

Getting A Payday Loan
Just fill out the application online and hit the submit button on our site. will try to connect your within seconds to an online lender.

If a lender is found for you, you will have to sign electronically to the loan’s terms and agree to them. Just do not sign anything if you do not like or agree to the terms. Just apply once more to be matched with another lender.
On the next business day, the money from the loan will be transferred electronically to your checking or savings account. You will have choices on payment options on the payday loan. Everything will be conducted electronically through your bank.

What Is The Time Limit To Pay Back The Payday Loan?
On your next paycheck is when the loan will come due. If you cannot pay it, then you will have to pay a fee and ask for an extension from the lender. Most lenders will allow you to do this.
There will be loan documents from the lender. There will be instructions on what to do when the loan comes due. Here are the choices available:

  • Pay the payday loan back in full.
  • Do not pay anything and the loan will automatically refinance.
  • Pay fees and interest only on the loan and renew it.
  • Pay part of the principal of the loan off along with interest due to renew the loan.

If there are any questions, you will have to contact the lender. Do not contact directly.

Receiving The Cash
The money from the payday loan is sent electronically or wired straight to your bank account from the lender. Sometimes, depending on the lender, you could have money in as little as an hour. provides a lender network that will make this happen as fast as possible.

How Fast Will I Receive My Money?
Usually the lender processes the payday loan immediately. Once the loan has been approved and processed, the money will be in your account in the next business day. Some lenders wire immediately. If the loan is on a holiday or weekend, then you will have to wait for the next business day.

How Much Will I Receive In a Payday Loan?
The payday loan might start off small to build a history of payment with our lenders. will try to help you with a payday loan of up to $1000. But, just remember, if you have never had a payday loan before, you always have to establish payment history. You always have to start somewhere.

Fees For The Payday Loan
Our network of lenders are some of the lowest in the cash advance industry. It just depends on the lender that you are matched with. works hard to keep the fees as low as possible.

What Happens The Lender I Am Matched With Does Not Approve Me?
Here at, there is no guarantee that when you apply for a payday loan that you will find a match with a lender. We will do our best to find a lender who will be a match. Proprietary criteria are used to determine and evaluate the information on the application when you apply for a loan. So, there are some cases you will not accepted. Again, we will do our very best and we will keep adding more lenders to our already vast network of lenders.

At we help find you a match, so we do not have any involvement with the process of loan approvals. So, we would have no knowledge about your loan status. You will need to contact the lender we matched you with to check on your loan status to see if it is approved or not.

I Have A Savings Account Only
You can receive a payday loan now for savings accounts if you do not have a checking account. We have several lenders in our network that can help. Just call up the bank and ask for your routing number. This number helps with the electronic transfer of funds.

I Live On Fixed Income
If you can show verifiable proof of income that is constantly coming in, like once a month or every two weeks, we do have lenders that can help in these special circumstances. When applying for the payday loan, use as the Employer your benefit provider. For example, Social Security would be used. Use your telephone number and how many months you have been receiving benefits for the section of Months Employed.

I Do Not Have A Driver’s License Or State ID Card

In this section on the application, please put your social security number. This number will not be seen by anyone else except our network of providers. We take your private information very seriously. You can also use your passport number.

Will There Be A Credit Check When I Apply For The Payday Loan?
At we put you in contact with lenders for a payday loan. We are not a lender and will not perform any credit checks. We simply help you get matched up with lenders for a payday loan. Most of our lenders do not perform credit checks. Most will use TeleTrack, CL Verify, or DataX to prove you are the person you say you are and reviewing past history of payday loans

Will I Need To Send Information By Fax?
When applying for a payday loan, nothing will need to be faxed. If your lender needs something, they may ask you to send a fax on what they are requesting. Sometimes items might need to be verified, like a paycheck stub for example.