Sell Off Your Clothes And Pay Off Your Payday Advance

Paying off a payday advance means you either have to spend less or earn more. Before you consider the other options, take a good look at your wardrobe. You may be surprised to see the number of clothes that you have not worn for months or years! Consider selling these in order to bring in some much needed extra money.

As people are becoming more conscious about saving their money and the environment, selling used clothes is gaining in popularity.Stores that deal in used clothes are always looking for ‘fresh’ stocks and are willing to buy from whoever is willing to sell their used clothes.

Make sure that the clothes that you choose to sell are still in good condition. This means, they should not be stained or torn, unless that is part of the fashion, and should not smell bad. Also, try to follow the prevailing fashion trends because clothes that are too outdated have a less chance of selling themselves.

It is a good idea to do a little bit of research about the local stores. This is because individual stores may have their own set of preferences and requirements. For instance, a shop selling vintage clothes would be more interested in garments more than, say, twenty years old rather while a trendy store would want to have more fashionable outfits in their collection. Also, make sure to call the store before visiting in order to keep yourself updated with any of their requirements which may include taking the clothes in hangers.

Avoid taking your clothes to the store in garbage bags. This makes the buyer skeptical about their condition and creates the wrong impression even before looking at them. Instead carry them in hangers or fold them neatly in boxes and reusable shopping bags.

If a store refuses to buy your clothes or offers a price that is much lower than your expectation, there is no reason to take it personally. Please remember that the buyer is not being judgmental. In all probability he just feels that the store won’t be able to sell off those clothes and that is why he is reluctant to invest much or anything into those. However, if you have confidence in the quality of what you are selling, be prepared to walk away and try a different store than giving in to an unfairly low price.

Selling your clothes at a consignment shop is another option. They do not buy clothes from you, meaning, they do not give you money directly in exchange of the clothes. Rather, they give you a percentage when the clothes are sold. The best thing is, you always have the chance to reclaim the clothes if the garments are not sold, renegotiate the sell price and the percentage you want out of it. Although it may be easier to sell clothes at a consignment shop, there is no guarantee that they will always buy your clothes.

In case you are not able to find a shop that is interested in purchasing your clothes, give Craigslist or eBay a try. You may also consider selling these at a yard sale or to friends who love those particular kinds of clothes.

But what to do if none of the above works out? You still have another option of taking your clothes to a thrift stores. Although they would not give you any money in exchange because they only accept donated clothes, and may not help you with the payday advance, you still can get a receipt. This will help you in deducting the clothes from your taxes.