Is It Possible To Cool The Summer Sizzle With Payday Loans?

Online payday loans are not the coolant for the sizzling summer heat. In these tough financial times with recession smacking most of us on the face, it is not possible to zoom off on a holiday to cooler destinations. Most people can’t afford to go to water parks or beaches due to financial constraints or may not be able to take off from work for so many days.

A few cool ways to cool off the summer heat especially when the financial situation is a major concern are given here.

  • Sprinklers are a fun and efficient way to beat the heat. A make-it-yourself home sprinkler will save you money and provide you relief from the scorching heat as well. Take an empty, two liter plastic bottle. Pierce holes in the bottom. Attach the garden hose to the bottle with an adhesive or tape. Hang the bottle and start the water. The bottle will spray the water like a shower and you can enjoy sprinkle in the summer heat.
  • A slip n slide can be great fun for the kids during the hot summer time. Get a second-hand tarp from the hardware store or garage sale. If you have a hill in your premises, place it on the slope. Pour some no-tears soap/shampoo all over it and water it to make the tarp slippery. Keep adding water every time it dries to maintain the slipperiness. Kids will enjoy sliding down this tarp and not grumble about the heat.
  • It is not necessary to freeze expensive ice packs in your freezer to beat the heat. Put water in lunch boxes and freeze them to make ice packs. Wrap these frozen boxes in a towel and use them to cool down. Start with the nape of the neck where it feels the coolest.
  • If it is too hot outside to enjoy the sprinkle you have the option to take a cool shower right in your bathroom to cool down.
  • When the temperatures soar very high, nature has its own way of providing relief. A thunder storm is the norm. Go and enjoy the rain thunder shower and re-live the joys of your childhood. If there is lightening, do not venture out else enjoy splashing in the puddle with your kids to cool off.
  • Water balloon fights are a fun way to beat the heat as well as the boredom. Enjoy the balloon throwing but avoid the face as it may cause an injury.
  • Car washing can be a way to cool off too. Give all a towel to scrub the car and spray the hose on each person to make the work enjoyable. This is a brilliant way to work and cool off!
  • Make ice pops at home and get refreshed when enjoying these yummies. Prepare your own ice pops at home with different flavors and shapes too. Nothing can be a more delicious treat than enjoying these ice pops on that hot summer day.

Hot weather has been there since creation of the Earth where as payday loans came in much later on. Payday loans come with a nominal fees but it is advisable to avail these loans to beat the summer heat. Many families have developed methods to beat the heat without upsetting their finances. Use your money to pay your bills and do not pick up the fast cash loans to tackle the summer heat. Be innovative and find fun ways to cool off for the whole family.