Dollar Financial Group

Dollar Financial Corp. is a financial company.  It is the parent-branch to the Dollar Financial Group.  The offer quality financial services and products.  They are able to offer very individualized services that are sure to meet the needs of all their customers.  Customers can acquire a debit card for ease of access to their accounts.  They can use these debit cards as either gift cards or get the reloadable Visa option that is available.  They can also prepare legal documents for legal status.

There is a Dollar Financial branch near you as there are over one thousand four hundred and forty two of their branches out there for customers to choose from.  Some of these branches may be operating under different names but they will still deliver the great quality service that is a trademark of the Dollar Financial Group.  Some of the names of the other branches that you may find them under are:  Money Corner, Money Mart, Loan Mart, Money Shop, Check Casher, Insta-Checques, Payday Loans, Cash Advance, The Check Cashing Store, and Cash Advance USA.  Over one thousand and eighty-eight are owned directly by them.   These branch-stores are the largest of the type of store in the U.K. and Canada.

Customers can also find these branch-type companies in the US.  They are the second largest of this type of banking-store in the US.  They would be found under the names of:  Money Mart, Money Corner, and Loan Mart.  Some of these branch-type bank-stores are owned by franchises, ninety-three to be specific.  The ones owned by franchises may be found under the name of:  We The People.  These US branches of the banking-store offer the same beneficial services as the ones in the U.K. and Canada.  But they also offer a service called the VIP Club Card.

In Canada there are four hundred and eighty of these types of branch-type stores for customers for their financial services needs.  Sixty-one of these stores are franchise-owned.  If you’re a U.K. citizen you can find that there are at least four hundred and eleven of these branch-type stores.  They will most probably be found under the name Money Shop.  One hundred and seventy-six of these stores in the U.K. are franchised-owned.  The U.K stores, which go under the Money Shop, lend cash for jewelry or gold.  They also have an insurance-type service and offer a premium type card to customers.  If you’re a customer who lives in Ireland you may also find some of these branch-type stores under the name Money Shop, although their presence there isn’t quite so large.


Some Benefits Offered

  • Long Term Loans
  • One Payment Loans
  • Check Cashing
  • Money Transfers
  • Money Orders
  • Electronic filing of taxes
  • Money orders from Western Union
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Bill payment
  • Photo ID

The way these financial banking-type stores can minimize risk of losses is through stringent means of customer profiling.  They are able to provide quick, but quality service to their customers.  They state of the art technology for gathering customer information is not only helpful to them but to the customer also as it minimizes loss to them and speeds the transaction for the customer.

The great benefit of these banking-type stores is that their open seven days a week, 24/7.  There is never a time that is too late for you to make use of their service.  In this day in age of never having enough time for all the errands that a person has this accommodation for their customers is priceless.  So the next time that you need some quick and quality financial service on your time-terms think Dollar Financial.