Cash Land

Are you looking for a simple payday loan company? You will find you have a wide variety to choose from. If however, you’re looking for a payday loan company that also offer a range of other services, then CashLand Financial Services is one to consider. They have other 200 locations in a spread of 5 states, which include Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. They have a lot to offer potential customers.

CashLand started off as a check-cashing store in Daytona, Ohio around 10 years ago. Even though they have expanded to a huge organisation, they have not forgotten their roots. Cash-checking service is still on offer for those who aren’t able to get to their back or have no checking account. They also offer cash payroll, insurance, government checks and they will cash in personal checks once the verification of the check is valid. The fees vary for cashing in checks, which depend on the type of check being cashed in and its amount.

In addition to check cashing, CashLand offer a wide range of additional services. A payday advance loan is one of those services. Also on offer are prepaid debit cards, automobile insurance, Western Union money transfers and money orders, identity theft services and the preparation of income tax returns.

If you’re after a payday advance loan, you can make an application via CashLand’s website at – Once the application has been completed online, you can choose if you want to have the application processed at the nearest CashLand store, or opt to have the payday advance deposited directly into your checking account the following business day.  Your checking account will automatically be debited the due amount on the due date of the loan if you opt to have your payday loan direct deposited.  The interest rate and terms of your payday loan will be determined by the laws of the state you reside in, whether you apply online or by visiting one of the stores.

The opening times for most CashLand stores are between 9am – 7pm. There is some variance to these times, so you’re advised to check before hand. If you would like a list of stores near your area along with opening times, you are advised to look at their website at