The financial company that is called SpeedyCash is in Wichita, Kansas. This company was founded in the year 1997. They provide loans that are short-term and advances for cash for people, which live in California, Nevada, Arizona, Kansas, Washington, and Texas. Rapid Cash is also the name, which SpeedyCash goes by.

They are a company that has prided themselves on their customer service. They have employees, who are professionals, that are trained and will be eager to give a person help when they obtain the payday loan or an advance of cash in a person’s time that they need it. Lots of people that have employment full time will often find that they get in a bind with finances. This is especially when it is between their paychecks. SpeedyCash has the service of payday loans to solve those worries about their finances.

These payday loans have become popular progressively over the years. This is a loan, which is short-term, their customers will be able to pay in full when they get their next check. It is not required for this loan to have a check of credit of any kind. This will alleviate most of the worry from customers. A payday loan is one way when those needs, which are financial, arise to have that cash obtained fast.

This lender of payday loans is one of the top of all lenders in the USA. The things that they are known for is customer service, which is exceptional. They also have an application that is easy and process, which is also easy. The thing, which will set this SpeedyCash from other lenders of payday loans, is the funds will be deposited in their account the very next day if it is a business day. Many companies will have four days to have the transaction completed. This company will be a choice, which is perfect for those funds that are needed immediately.

They have payday loan amounts available from $100 to $1500. This is another of the details, which has placed SpeedyCash beyond their competitors. There are lots of payday loans that will not exceed $500. This is very easy to have the cash advance or payday loan applied for. They will be able to apply on the phone or online. When applying on the website, they will have to have a username and a password so they can have an account created. This is useful when they need to borrow in the future from SpeedyCash.

There is some information, which is general, that will be gathered, and they are required to have the proof to submit of their income and an issued ID from the state they live in. All of the applicants have to have a savings or checking account, which is valid. This borrowed money will be deposited in the account of the borrower.

This method is also used to have the loan paid off. When the due date that is scheduled on comes, this loan is paid to  SpeedyCash by having it deducted from the account. They have strived to work with their customers so that the process is simple and stress free.

Their plans for repayment are varied depending what the amount is and the loan length. Those other companies will want the payment in full, which offer these payday loans, on a person’s payday. The representatives from SpeedyCash will be able to have the payments broken up if they need it. It can be done usually over a two to three week course periods of pay, each time there is paid a portion of their loan every time a customer gets paid a check from their employer.

When these situations of financial problems arise, there will be a need for funds of cash, which is fast. The company SpeedyCash, will be there to have their problems answered. Of course these loans being short-term will have a rate that has an interest which is high. Nevertheless, when the figuring is all done, this will equal the same when they pay the loan that is long-term. The difference is they will get their funds in a business day.

Those loans which are traditional will take often a week or more to be approved. These companies will also require a check of credit and there are lots of people that are turned down because of their problems with credit. An option, which is perfect when they need immediate funds, is getting it from SpeedyCash.

Whereas the application is an online process that is secure and safe. There are those customers that feel it is better to deal with the representative face to face. Rapid Cash or SpeedyCash stores are found in seven of the states that were mentioned. They can find their store which is local by going to their site at www.speedycash.com.

If they are going to be applying online, a visit to this same website will allow a person to have the process of the application begun. This process in its entirety will only take about ten minutes. They will get a notice of approval and be informed of how much they will be getting into their account. Before they apply, they should be sure they have the details understood of the payday loan. This SpeedyCash is a lending financial company which is reputable and their employees will be eager to help with anything. Their freedom of finances is the goal.


Are you having trouble, which is big with financial right now or your salary just not fitting what bills you need? Payday One will serve your solutions, which are primary troubles that are financial. In 2002, it was established.

Payday One is one of the best considered of the providers for online payday loans. It is a company, which guarantees essentially these following things: service that is friendly for customers, a convenient and fast process, and prices that are guaranteed for the needs of everyone. ThinkCash, Inc. is the company that Payday One is a branch of.

The development is aimed to be continuous. This company will not resort in having satisfaction with their status quo. This is a company which seeks consistently for improvements that are bright and new ideas, which will help this company to get better services to their clients which are growing in number.

The effort which is collective from people at Payday One has factors that are crucial will give way to the success which is invaluable for the company. It is a company that has leadership which trains the employees to have the many different people’s needs met.  In addition, the conditions that are conductive will be enough to have the service, which is the best they can have. This will translate into representatives of customer service, which are friendly, that will help their company to be in business for longer.

Requirements for Payday Loans

If you are a person, who has hopeless feelings when you are trying to find money for those needs, which is an emergency, the Payday One is more than happy to help out. Their system for quick cash will allow families and individuals to have the money, which they will need in time that is the fastest possible. Payday One’s service standard people say is to have customer’s needs brought when it is needed the most.

For you to qualify for the program of loans with this company, a job is needed or a source, which is defined for an income, so it will guarantee that you can have the loan paid off.  Another thing they will need is the following things: a phone number that is valid, good standing checking account, must be 18 years old or older, and have an e-mail address.

If you are someone in need, which is dire for money that is a large sum, there are amounts that are different that Payday One will offer when you have filed the loan. They will offer $100 to $1000. It all depends on what state you live in and what their laws are there. Many of the governing laws are very different in every state when it regards the money amount that you can get from the loan.

PaydayOne Advantage

In the cases where it is urgent that you need the amount, there will not be any worry. Something that will keep it successful is they offer a convenient and fast process which will have everyone’s experience they prefer. The process of verification of the application for the loan will be verified usually at 5 PM CT.

When they approve the application, the amount, which is being borrowed, will be deposited directly into your bank account that is on the application. The amount, which is transferred in the bank, will do this the same day unless it is a weekend or holiday. You can expect the amount of the loan the next day when the bank account will be reflected.

If the terms of payment of the amount of the loan are what you worry about, you can check out the options, which are different to successfully pay their loan.  The design actually of options, which will be suitable for everyone.

When you are really busy with work they have convenience for your payments that are regular. It has a feature that will let you have your payments debited automatically from the checking account or you can opt for the arrangements for payments. This is in case you will not make the due date for the payment, which is specified, you can contact the customer support. The team of customer support will be happy to help you. There are customer support which, will offer plans of repayment to give you more flexibility for the dues you will need to settle.

Payday One has proved to have effective and efficient means to have your worries of financial problems gotten rid of. Yet, you will have to be responsible of the loan that you have filed with Payday One. The services, which are the best, are gotten from payday loans. You will have to remind yourself to have the dues paid with the right arrangement. For many years, this company has proven their name in this field.


When you need some cash quick where can you turn to?  CashNetUSA is there to help.  They have you covered when lives little emergencies flare up.  They will happily help via online application.  If you’re a prospective loan recipient that is paid month, weekly or bi-weekly they can help you.   There only requirement is that you not be employed by the military.  Their hours make it so much easier for prospective loan recipients to contact them.  They can usually be reached from up to as late as nine p.m. central standard time on work days.  Need money on a weekend?  That’s okay they’re also available up to seven p.m. central standard time on Saturday and Sundays.

When life makes your budget not stretch for some emergencies, CashNetUSA can stretch it for you.  If you’re of age, a US citizen, and have an income of at least seven hundred and fifty dollars, a checking account, and have been employed for at least a month, then they can help ease you through that cash crisis.  Then all that remains is picking out the repayment option that best suits you.

You can pay your CashNetUSA loan in full plus the fees and interest.  You can pay a small payment and extend the loan (NEW CONTRACT*).  This last option may require the prospective loan recipient to pay only the fees and interest.  Then they will roll the loan amount over into a new loan.  To better determine if this option is available to you, you may wish to check out their terms page to make sure it is available in your area.  There is also a partial repayment option available where the fees and interest and part of the loan are repaid.

But no matter which option you choose, CashNetUSA can help you.  They even make longer term loans available to some recipients.  These can be repaid over a four to five month period of time.  Check first to make sure this option is available for your state. They are a subsidiary of Cash America Intl. Inc.  You can trust their superb service as they’re a member of the CFSA.

Though the world knows how much needed services like that which is provided by CashNetUSA.  They are becoming more widely available, but are still not available in all states.  It is important that the prospective recipient check to make sure that service is available in their state.