The sole purpose of 100 Day Loans was to lend money to borrowers who needed them as quick as possible. The good thing about this lender is that they allow 100 days to pay the loan back, which gives tremendous flexibility. This is what makes them stand out compared to their competitors, hence their popularity. $1,500 is the maximum amount of funds that you can borrow as mentioned on their website.

100 Day Loans operate nationally in 48 states. You just need to follow three steps when applying for a loan. The first is to make the application, second is to get approved, and the third is to get the funds.

100 Day Loans have a very safe and secure website, and a very tight privacy policy. You would be recommended to check out their regulations they have in place. Little things may affect the loan, but you will be aware of these as they are mentioned on the website each time you log-in.

You will need to meet certain requirements when applying for a 100 Day Loan. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Residential address
  • Telephone number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Bank Details
  • And  any other information 100 Day Loans deem necessary

100 Day Loans use VeriSign Secured, so you do not need to worry about your information being shared with third parties. Some lenders out there do share details with third parties for marketing purposes, 100 Day Loans on the other hand DO NOT. So you can be sure your information is entirely safe and secure.

The ease of use of 100 Day Loans is very appealing. They point this out a lot due to their 3-step process of the loan application process. However, you will need to fill out some smaller forms before actually obtaining the cash. But the fact of the matter is that you can obtain the cash within one hour.

A lot of the information that you need is very easily accessible on the website, everything is easy to follow on the website, and the results are fast.

The cost of obtaining a loan from 100 Day Loans varies from state to state. For instance, you could pay from $5 to ฃ25 on every $100 you borrow. This will lead to an average APR of 651.79%.




When talking about DiscountAdvances and everything the company has to give, there is one item that enters the brain, which is the freedom of access. There are many restrictive payday lenders in the world but the great thing about DiscountAdvances is that it’s not restrictive. In fact, any person who must have money at a moment’s notice can get it.

That’s why DiscountAdvances has been able to set itself apart from its competition and offer lower rates. It’s a company that prides itself on going the extra mile for its customers so life is a bit easier.

Who Qualifies For A DiscountAdvances Loan?

DiscountAdvances stands out among the competition, giving out loans to any person who must have the money and been told they don’t qualify in other places. To qualify, the only things you need are a bank account and income. There’s no need to fax in forms and give out references to get a loan. You should need to show proof of income, regardless of whether it’s full-time or part-time.

What sort of person will qualify for a payday loan? Any person who is self-employed, drawing social security or working part-time can obtain one of these payday loans. The ease to obtain the money is great news for folks who work in positions considered non-traditional. DiscountAdvances knows that it’s these kinds of folks that particular need the help of payday loans to get by.

Moneygram – How It Can Help Get Money Quicker In Persons’ Hands

One of the best things about DiscountAdvances is that it does give their customers a more rapid way to obtain money. While they do offer a next-day loan service, they also provide you with a choice for Moneygram. However, Moneygram is generally only offered to DiscountAdvances repeat customers, which allows them to go to a Moneygram location to pick up their money. His makes the entire process go smoother.

What Are The Limits and Fees To A DiscountAdvances Payday Loan

DiscountAdvances is like other payday loan lenders in the way they present people with loans; it’s generally done on a case by case basis. Fees attached to the loans will also vary depending on where the “borrower” lives, as states tend to regulate these kinds of businesses. Most folks can receive up to $1,000 but this will depend on two facts:

- How much income is being brought into the house

- How stable the job is

Since these matters are handled case by case, it would be a wise idea to talk with a DiscountAdvances employee.

Loan by Phone

A company, which understands  solutions, that are short-term, are payday loans from Loan by Phone. If a person needs a temporary and fast fix, the payday loans are the best way to serve the needs. Yet, this is discouraged to have the payday loans utilized for a term, which is long for the cost of it is very high for the loan. Their clients will have to understand the benefits and cost for the loan alternatives before they choose this cash advance. That way, they can have control of the finances and be responsible more.

This Loan by Phone has always respected client’s privacy. Everything will be kept confidential, like the transactions that are online and the information that is personal is treated with the security in mind. The best thing is to have all the information on the policy of privacy read before they do anything.

If they do take out a payday loan and they change their mind, they will be able to have the loan returned by that business day or the next without any cost. It is part of CFSA’s Best Practices Guidelines that it sets. They will have to be sure they have the money returned after one day when they take it out so that they can avoid the fees for the loan. These payday loans will be served for needs, which are immediate, but they should not be repeatedly used. Meaning that families or individuals should not have dependence on these payday loans to have their expenses maintained.